Estimating & Quoting


Micro Estimating Systems, Inc. is the Industry Leader in Computer Aided Estimating, and Manufacturing Process Management for the Machining, and Fabrication, Industries.

' The dollars are in the details.

Profitability starts with an Accurate Estimate

MicroEstimating™ is a Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) system incorporating engineering based process planning with comprehensive cost estimating that provides metal working manufacturers a consistent means for determining true manufacturing times and product costs.

Automatic Feature Recognition

With the estimating software’s Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR), part drawings are interpolated in seconds to determine true net CNC machine tool cycles. The available seamless SolidWorks™ and CAM integration produces CNC machine readable programs, (G-Code) all with-in one system. This powerful integration of AFR Estimating , and CAD/CAM helps assure production will run as quoted. Micro's estimating software will establish reliable and well engineered process plans to assure estimated cost will be the manufacturing cost.

Shop Routings and Travelers

The system auto generates detailed step by step, operation by operation documentation. All machine tools process layouts contain set-up details, with the tooling required and the recommended speeds and feeds to use. Quality requirements, outside operations, everything from receiving raw materail to packaging and shipping is documented.

Manufacturing and Machine Tool Emulation

The software contains extensive material and tooling libraries and proprietary machine tool programs that include hundreds of CNC's, Screw Machines, manual machine tools, and factory operations. The software becomes a virtual simulation of your facility, your machines and procedures. When you create an estimate it represents exactly how it will be made in your facility and precisely what it will cost

Machine Tool Accuracy

Users have confirmed that the software's calculated production times are within 1% of actual. This is why the worlds largest machine tool builders work with us, and use Micro Estimating internally for their process planning and engineering layouts.

Bill of Materials

A simple to use, yet very robust Bill of Materials is available with Assembly and Manufacturing Operations. The Bill of Materials is fully integrated with SolidWorks™ and Micro's manufacturing modules, to provide unlimited product costing capabilities. The software easily quantifies the make-versus buy-decision process.

Estimating and Manufacturing will be in harmony

But – most important – the system supports and empowers factory personnel with consistent, reliable, comprehensive, and accurate information for facilitating and enhancing productivity. Micro Estimating software creates a continuous improvement circle of profitability and productivity by unifying management, sales, design, purchasing, engineering, costing, accounting, and manufacturing.